Aim of the wine-making company is to produce high-quality attributive wines made of grapes, grown on historically renowned vineyards of great location in Czech Republic, enabling them to get their uniqueness and non-repeatability.


Present trends and historical experience of our ancestors, together with modern wine-making technology are considered during the wine-making process. Owing to careful processing of grapes a condition for their transformation into unique wine is established.
Althrough the base for perfect wine is just perfect grape itself and any efforts to further improvement are only a matter of quality of feedstock, even so selected parts of wines are also ennobled by maturation in French oak barrique barrels. In the case that they were predicted, wines obtain improved structure, richness and complexity, both aromatic and taste character.


Wine-cellar is presently situated in historical building of a former castle granary in Milotice, dated from the begining of 18th century, when baroque reconstruction of the local castle reached its peak. Unique cellars are equipped with place for sitting and controlled degustations are held there.

B\V wine-making company was established in september 2012. Founders are Zdeněk Bábíček, a passionate wine-lover, and Petr Vacenovský, a winemaker.